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These are our wines, this is how you know us…

We have so many different types and styles of wines. We don’t expect someone to fall in love with all of our wines. But we do expect everyone to fall in love with some of our wines.

Vinařství Spěvák sudy

Frantisek: “Apart from the usual white vs. red, and the different level of quality which is usually reflected in amount of residual sugar (dry styles (e.g. cabinet-type) or off-dry (e.g. late harvest, selection of grapes) or even sweet (bortrytised grapes), you can also choose from specialty wines: Rosé, claret, Frizante, Fit and Fab wine, Summer wine, Cuvée and reds aged in French oaks.”

They all have common denominators: they are all estate produced, high quality and in limited batch size. All unique in its own way.

If we were to categorize the nose and palate profile of Spevak wines, which is not really possible, the majority of them could be described as: intensely fruity (often green, citrus, tropical and stone fruit for whites; red and black fruit for reds) along with floral (sometimes herbaceous) aromas – all of which beautifully carry over into the flavor of the wine. Because of our careful attention to phenolic and sugar ripeness of the grapes at harvest time, the wines have just enough acid (and tannins in red wines) to give it structure, balance and body while ageing well on the bottle post-release.  We like them refreshing, playful, interesting, drinkable – that is our signature.

A quick glimpse into the variety of our wines:

New clones:
Pineapple, Hibernal, Kerner, Malverina, Mery, Merzling, Solaris, Rubinet, Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Moravia, Orion, Muskaris, Dornfelder, Palava, Nitra

Noble grape varieties:
Cerzecke korenite, Hedvabne zelene, Neuburg, Chardonnay, Irsay Oliver, Rhein Ryzlink, Welsch Riesling, Muller Thurgau, Sauvignon blanc, Traminer white, Traminer red, Veltliner, Sylvaner, Muscattel, Delaware, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Pinot noir, Blaufrankisch, Merlot, Blue Portugal, St. Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon

We know, that is a lot to take in!

Find your happy wine!

First, let’s see what wines make our family happy:

Frantisek: “I don’t have any favorite wine, I like all wines that are clean, balanced, interesting – just like Spevak wines (laugh)! I love to watch how wine develops over time, how it ages – whether on both the barrel or in the bottle. It never ends. ” His favorite pastime is a horizontal wine-tasting: one wine, multiple vintages. From young and playful to mature and full-bodied. Rieslings, Veltliners and Chardonnays are available in multiple vintages.

Marie: “Right now I am all about Frizzante and rosé wine from a new grape Nitranka. Both are fruity on the nose, refreshing on the palate with a long finish.” She always looks for refreshment while taking advantage of the flavonoids indigenous to red grapes. Their anti-inflammatory properties are what she is after – every girl could use a little help in that department J.

David: Just like Frantisek, David does not give preferential treatment to any wine. They are all equal in his eyes, just like his daughters. David likes to experiment with wine and overall he looks for freshness, minerality and balance in wines.

Frantisek junior:  Only young wines for this young blood! Junior is primarily into whites, with a pleasant acid, hints of fruits and low in alcohol and sugar. 2020 Sylvaner, Sauvignon blanc and Pinot gris fit the bill just right!

Jana: Jana’s taste buds change with the seasons. Late spring/summer, she goes for as light as possible: light white wines low in sugar and alcohol such as Summer wine or Fit wine. To change things up, she drinks them as spritzers.  As the season turns colder, she turns to well-balanced reds, such as Portugal. And in the dead of the winter, she is after robust red wines with hints of pungent spices and chocolate. Pinot Noir fits the bill perfectly.

Kristyna: Kristy is a girly girl so no one is surprised by the fact that her happy wine is a rose. These days she particularly enjoys Rosé made from Cabernet Cortis which is a red grape. This rose will surprise you with hints of forest raspberries on the nose, honey-like tones on the palate, and a long-lasting finish.

Jan: Honza has a huge sweet tooth and an expensive taste. His happy wine is white, with residual sugar, full body, aromatic and yet well balanced. He finds this in Rein Riesling and of course Chardonnay.

Deon: Deon fell in love with Hibernal some time ago but he is happy when the wine does not give him a headache. He is quite prone to those and this was always a reason for him to be staying away from wines. That is until he discovered Veronika, thus Spevak winery. Tried and tested, he never had a headache ever since. If Hiberal is not around, he happily settles for a cuvée of Chardonnay and a new Moravian grape, Vesna. The fresh palate with hints of lime, yet fruity extract in combination with a hint of residual sugar from the overripe grapes is a perfect combination for any day.

Veronika:  “I’ve been always into white cabinet-style wines. Mineral, refreshing with very low residual sugar. Now I know why – I am trying to be sugar free. Fit wine is the perfect fit for me – this extremely dry wine does not spike my blood sugar levels so I get to enjoy a glass without feeling guilty! When I really want to splurge, I started to appreciate well-decanted red wines. The multiple layers, the warmth and depth of a good red wine is so exciting to discover. And I find that in our Dornfelder and Rubinet. I love to observe the ability of a great red wine to open up like a book for anyone who is willing to read it. That is the beauty of heavy reds. And of course the medicinal properties of the reds are not to be understated. And occasionally, my third group of wines would be opulent whites such the amazing Delaware (we are in the States after all) and the new Pineapple wine (not to be confused with wine from pineapples). The nose on these wines is out of this world, a treat or a dessert for sure.”

Výběr vín z Vinařství Spěvák

Tradition, Innovation, Novelty and Quality.

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Tradition, Innovation, Novelty and Quality.

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